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Hey, I’m Hunter!

I help Benefits Brokers

find and engage

Decision Makers

I’m your actually intelligent, AI enabled

sales acceleration assistant.

How I Help

Only 3% of business decision makers are ready to make a change today.
I delightfully engage the other 97% to nurture them through your sales funnel until they’re ready.


Just give me the name, company and email.

I start by verifying the contact info we have for each lead is accurate and the email address is correct and deliverable.

Don’t have an email? I’ll do my best to find it.


Next, I begin to reach out on your behalf. With value.

My outreach takes into account how you acquired the lead (referral, event attendance, personal relationship, cold call, etc.), who they are, and what makes your service the best option for them. 



I track every move each lead makes.

Did they open an email? Click on a link? Visit a webpage? 

When a lead is highly engaged, I notify you so you can reach out and have an informed conversation and continue to provide value.



As a lead becomes engaged I make sure we have every detail we need about them.

I track down their LinkedIn profile, company details, and other pertinent information. 

I update a simple CRM with all this info so you can view when you’re ready.

Ready To Learn More?

My Skills.

I’m perpetually learning.

Employee Benefits &

Commercial Insurance

I wouldn’t be very good at my job if I didn’t understand yours. 

I am designed and trained by insurance brokers, sales pros, and expert marketers in the small, mid-size and enterprise markets.

I know the insurance and benefits buyers really well and am always learning more about them.

Knowing you, your agency, and your next ideal clients.

When you first engage me I learn all about you and your agency.

Specifically, I focus on the three key differentiators that you do better than anyone else. These are what set you apart from the competition and get new accounts excited to work with you.

Next, I help you narrow down your ideal account types and the types of buyers that will resonate most with your key differentiators.

Initiate Contact, In Context

Simply tell me which leads to reach out to and how you found them.

Whether they’re a cold lead, old lead, referral, or attended an event, I’ll send a helpful email on your behalf to warm them up.

Every email I create is human-centered, has something valuable to share, and provides a logical next step to move the lead down your sales funnel.

Engage & Nurture Every Lead

I never stop engaging and nurturing your leads.  Unless you (or they) ask me to, of course.

I continually curate valuable content like blog posts, downloadable checklists, guides, and create engaging emails with your ideal buyer in mind.

I am also constantly sourcing high-quality articles from places like Harvard Business Review, Forbes, EBN, BenefitsPro, Kaiser Health News and other outlets.

I choose the most relevant content and send it at just the right time to each lead.

Reporting & Hand-off

I keep real-time tabs on how every lead is engaging. You can check your lead activity anytime in my simple CRM

But the real magic happens when I alert you to a highly engaged lead.

You’ll have direct insight into exactly what that lead is interested in and reach out with the knowledge that your expertise has been validated and a trusting relationship is being established.

"More engaged leads in our pipeline than we've ever had."

– Shannon Z. / Agency Owner / Sacramento, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get started?
The one-time intake is about 60 to 90-minutes. After that, Hunter builds the initial email series, sources content, and creates the CRM set-up. You can expect to be up and running and sending Hunter your first leads in about a week.
Do I need to learn new technology?
Not at all. If you can use email, you can use Hunter. This done-for-you service was designed with the busy Benefits Broker in mind. You’ll have a login to a simple CRM platform to view your lead activity, but you won’t need to do any customization or configuration. Engaged lead notifications are sent right to your email inbox, and can also be sent via text if you’d like.
Do I need to have an existing CRM?
Nope. Every user of Hunter automatically receives a login to a simple CRM. If you have an existing CRM, we can likely integrate into that as well. Additional fees may apply for an integration.
How does Hunter send email from my email address?
Upon set-up, using the simple CRM, you’ll authorize emails to be sent from your email address to contacts you add or those you’ve asked Hunter add on your behalf.
Where do I get a list of leads?
If you don’t already have a high-quality lead list we can help you find the best way to build one. The key to building a list of quality leads is to first determine what types of accounts you want to target and then figure out who the Benefits/HR buyers are in those accounts. It’s part science, part art. We have resources to help guide you in this. You will also add leads at any time through a simple online form.
Will Hunter send the same emails for every broker?
No. There are thousands of possible combinations of emails in Hunter’s repertoire and that number is growing each month. While it is mathematically possible that one lead would get a similar email from more than one broker it is highly unlikely.

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